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Field of Interest Fund

Support Your Passion.

What is a  Field of Interest Fund?

Field of interest endowment funds are established by donors who wish to provide support for a specific charitable area or purpose. The Community Foundation then makes grants to the most appropriate and effective organizations within that area of interest whether it is the elderly, children, education, healthcare, the arts, or even a particular geographic area.

Key Benefits
  • Easy: Our experienced staff will work with you to create a charitable fund that carries out your unique charitable goals. We make supporting your philanthropic passions easy.

  • Efficient:  The Community Foundation handles all of the administrative tasks associated with achieving your philanthropic goals – from investment options to tracking your gifts and grants and sending you an annual statement of activity.

  • Personal: Your fund will reflect the causes and organizations you care about most in our community. We’ll make sure to capture your vision for the fund and award grants to the most effective organizations within your specified  field of interest.

Getting Started is Easy.

You can create a field of interest fund for a minimum of $10,000 with gifts of cash, stock, or other assets. Our staff can help you set up your fund to ensure your philanthropic goals will be met.

More questions? Just call our office and we’ll be happy to help!

Consider a Field of Interest Fund if you:

Have a specific area of interest that you are passionate about wanting to support.

Want to support the evolving needs and opportunities for a variety of nonprofits focused on your broad area of interest.

Trust the expertise of the Community Foundation to determine the most appropriate recipients for grants that match your philanthropic interests.

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