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Application Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible for a scholarship through the Community Foundation?

Each scholarship application has pre-qualifying questions you must answer before accessing the application. These questions will determine your eligibility (County of resident, high school attended, graduation year, etc.) ​​​

  • How do I apply?
  1. Click on the “Apply” link for scholarships.

  2. Set up an account with a valid email address and password.

  3. Click “Apply” next to the scholarship you wish to fill out.

  4. Follow the steps in the scholarship applications.

Presentations are given at each school to the senior class in August and December on how to apply and to answer questions.

  • Can I start an application and finish it later?

Yes, the online application lets you work on it in your own time.  You must save your work each time you are done before logging out of the system.

  • How do I know what I've applied for and how can I track my status?
  1. The online application allows you to view your work as you go.

  2. Your status is at the top of your application page.  Each section will show you what percentage you have completed.

  • Can I make changes to my application once I submit it?

No you cannot.  The application asks you to review your application before submitting and requires you to check a box stating you have reviewed your application before submitting.

  • When and how will my scholarships be paid?
  1. If you have a “onetime” scholarship it will be paid in full to your college or university at the beginning of August; your college or university will split that payment over your first two semesters.

  2. If you have a “renewable” scholarship it will be paid at its “per year” amount (ex. $4,000 ($1,000/yr.)) to your college or university at the beginning of August; your college or university will split that amount over the two semesters of that year.

If you have received a “book stipend” scholarship it will be paid once to you in July for tuition, books or fees.  You must submit receipts after your purchases.

  • If I am awarded a scholarship, what happens after I am notified?

If you are awarded a scholarship you will receive a letter and acceptance form around the first of May. You must submit the acceptance form along with an acceptance letter from your college or university or a class schedule by the listed due date. 

  • Do all scholarships require an essay?

Yes, but the majority of our scholarships are on one application requiring 1 essay.​

Letters of Recommendation
  • How are letters of recommendation received?

The online application has a “request section” where you will need to know a valid email address for the person you wish to complete a recommendation. This request will then be emailed to that person where they will upload their recommendation letter for you.  You will not be able to see the letter, but you will be able to see when they have submitted it.

  • If I have already collected recommendation letters; can I upload them to my application?

No, the online system does not allow this option.  You may however, send them to the Foundation and they can upload them for you.

  • How do I see if my references have completed the online form?

If you return to the “request” section you can see who and when you have submitted your request for recommendation and also when they have submitted your recommendation.

  • Will I be able to see my references recommendation?

No, you will only be able to see when they have submitted it.

  • Who should I choose to complete a recommendation form?

We ask you choose only one person from inside your school and the other can be an employer, minister, family friend, colleague, etc.  (No direct relatives).

If you have any other questions, please contact our office.
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