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Legacy Funds

Help Our Community Thrive and Prosper For good...For ever... For Parke County

What is a  Legacy (Unrestricted) Fund?

Legacy funds, also referred to as Unrestricted Funds are created by visionary philanthropists who wish to provide for the community beyond their own lifetimes. The fund is established to provide support for general, unspecified charitable purposes at the discretion of the community foundation.

By creating a named Legacy fund, your gift is able to enrich our community for generations to come, empowering the Community Foundation to address our county’s most pressing needs and emerging opportunities, with the added benefit of carrying on a family name.

Key Benefits
  • Effective: Grants made from your fund reflect the ever-changing people, needs, ideas, and issues in our community – creating the greatest impact where it’s needed most. Because it has no restrictions, your fund can support a wide range of issues, causes, and needs as they evolve, now and in the future.

  • Flexible: After you establish your fund, you may add to it at any time, and the Community Foundation can accept gifts of many types of assets. Our professional staff can help you create your charitable legacy.

  • Efficient: Your gift helps build permanent resources to invest in our community and support the good work of nonprofit organizations in our county.

  • Community-Oriented: You want to help our community and its residents thrive. Your gift allows our experienced staff and dedicated volunteers to do what they do best – assess community needs and award grants to the outstanding organizations that undertake our county’s most critical work.

Getting Started is Easy.

You can create a named Legacy Fund for a minimum of $10,000 with gifts of cash, stock, or other assets. Our professional staff will work with you to create a charitable fund that leaves a lasting legacy.

More questions? Contact our office and we’ll be happy to help!

Consider a Legacy Fund if you:

Want to support our community's most critical needs - both now and as those needs change over time.

Seek to make the greatest impact possible with your gift.

Trust the expertise of the Community Foundation to determine community needs and opportunities now and in the future.

Want to leave a lasting legacy of thoughtful giving.

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