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Donor Advised Funds

Maximum Tax Benefit. Maximum Flexibility.

What is a  Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund is a charitable giving tool that combines maximum tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite charitable organizations at any time. You make a tax-deductible contribution to start out your fund, the contribution are invested for long-term growth, and you recommend grants to the causes you care about the most. And, if you'd like, our staff and community knowledge can help to connect you with your philanthropic projects and causes that you may be interested in.

Key Benefits
  • Personal: You choose what grants you would like to make from your fund, so your giving reflects the causes and organizations you care about most. If you want assistance, our staff is here to help you carry our your philanthropic goals and suggest ways to increase your impact.

  • Efficient:  The Community Foundation organizes and simplifies your giving, handling all administrative tasks and keeping track of your gifts and grants. We are a public charity offering maximum tax benefits and fewer administrative burdens than a private foundation.

  • Legacy of Giving:  Children and grandchildren can be named to your fund’s advisory committee. Years from now, when the advisory committee ends, you can set the fund up so that it continues to support the causes you care about forever.

Getting Started is Easy.

You can create a named donor advised fund for a minimum of $10,000 with gifts of cash, stock, or other assets. When you file your taxes, you only need one receipt from the Community Foundation rather than tracking numerous gift receipts.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you set up your fund to ensure your philanthropic goals will be met.

More questions? Just call our office and we’ll be happy to help!

Consider a Donor Advised Fund if you:

Want maximum tax benefits for your gift.

Want the flexibility to make grants to the causes you care about most on your own timetable.

Desire to include your family in your philanthropic giving.

Want the option to make anonymous gifts.

Would like the benefits of giving from your own named fund without the administrative burdens of establishing your own private foundation.

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