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Grant Guidelines and Procedures

Community Foundation grants are as varied as a community. Some are awarded through an open, competitive grant application process, while others reflect an advised fund donor's recommendation or are part of an estate gift. However, they all have a single goal: improving our community.

Applications for grants from the Community Grant Fund will be accepted from any new or existing charitable organization or community agency with a charitable purpose in serving Parke County as they seek funds to establish or expand programs to address a community need or with projects to "build community capacity."

The Foundation accepts grant applications year-round.

Application Process

All grant applications are available on our website or can be accessed here.

Targeted Areas For Grants Awarded

Community Grants funds target field of interest which are considered community-enhancing and these include agriculture, family support, fine arts/cultural, health and human services, historic preservation, community development, religion, scholarship, education, youth development, and recreation.

Follow-up Process

Grants will be reviewed in a timely matter by the Foundation Board. Funding notification for grants under $1,000 will be expected within a 5-7 day response. Grants over $1,000 can be expected a funding notification within 90 days of submission of the application.

Eligibility to Apply

The Foundation funds grants to qualified charitable purposes, many of which will be deemed by the IRS to have 501(c)(3) status. If your organization is not an official 501(c)(3), your project should be an effort designated to assist the needy and promote the well-being in Parke County.

Please be sure to call or stop by the Foundation for questions related to the granting process.

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