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Our Mission:

The Parke County Community Foundation's mission is to help donors improve the quality of life in Parke County.

The Parke County Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity that allows-community minded individuals, through gifts and bequests, to establish a variety of permanent endowment funds under the umbrella of one foundation. The income from these separate funds allows a community to respond to emerging needs and opportunities as well as impact its future. The Foundation’s approach to planned giving offers a number of important financial benefits to donors.

Part of what makes Parke County a special place to live is its strong sense of community. Local donors and their connections to innovative nonprofit work have created a special community culture, a place where many are served and many give.

So whether a donor specifies a purpose, or uses the Foundation to identify the emerging needs of the community, donor opportunities for making a difference in the future of Parke County are plentiful through their relationship with the Parke County Community Foundation.

About Us

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