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Deciding when and how much to give back to your community is a very personal decision.
Every gift, no matter the amount, is important and valued.

"When you have been given plenty of everything, it only makes sense to help others."

Janie Pound

"I am so humbled by the generosity of the Elizabeth Davies Ellis Scholarship Fund and the Parke County Community Foundation. This scholarship will greatly help me obtain the books that I will need for the fall and spring semesters."

2017 Scholarship Recipient

"She wanted to use her estate to help others attend college and fulfill their dreams."

Loved ones of Elizabeth "Betty" Davies Ellis

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Reasons Why Donors Choose Us

The Parke County Community Foundation firmly honors your charitable intentions. Each grant we make is checked to ensure that the funds that support it meets the donor's purpose. The PCCF manages the impact of your philanthropy, not just the money. Grants from your fund go only to nonprofits that meet high standards of performance. Each grant from your chosen fund does the good you intend, generation after generation.


Whether you want to feed the hungry, educate kids, support a faith-based organization, support the arts, revitalize neighborhoods, strengthen families, or help in some other way, the PCCF makes it easy. Giving should warm the heart, not burden the giver with tax complications and administrative details. The Foundation can establish a fund with a simple governing document requiring minimal time to prepare.


Give now and create a legacy through Estate Giving. Contribute to an existing fund, create your own fund, or make an unrestricted gift to the entire community. Support a favorite charity or program, or choose a more generalized option benefiting the community's greatest area of need. We offer as much, or as little, as assistance as you want.


Charitable gifts are an investment. Creating a Private Foundation is often cost-prohibitive. The PCCF shares expenses, including administrative fees, and are monitored closely by professional financial managers, leading to the most effective use of gifts from each and every donor.


The Parke County Community Foundation works diligently to build a permanent collection of funds for the community. The funds are managed to grow in perpetuity and carry out the charitable objectives of the donors who establish them year, after year, forever.

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