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these three primary roles are all housed under the umbrella of overall community leadership which influences and enhances the above three roles.

The Community Foundation...
is a community partner

This acknowledges that the community foundation does not act in isolation. It acts in concert with other community members, sometimes taking the lead, sometimes following, sometimes paving the way for new leaders.

that creates a better quality of life for all

This acknowledges that the community foundation's constituency is the entire community. Every issue, every cause it embraces, has some connection to the greater good.

by pursuing the community's greatest opportunities and addressing the most critical challenges

this acknowledges that the community foundation can be counted on to pursue the things that matter the most, no matter how challenging or difficult.

by uniting people, institutions and resources throughout the community

This acknowledges how the community foundation goes about its business; in the most transparent manner possible. It also recognizes that the community foundation is well-suited to assemble and leverage resources.

and producing significant, widely shared and lasting results

This acknowledges that the community foundation looks beyond quick fixes and that it has the staying power to reach long-term results.

C. Fleads Aspen Institute

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