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Working Together We Make the Impossible, Possible.

In 2016, the Community Foundation distributed more than $600,000.


Those funds supported programs for children and families, education and scholarships, arts and culture, and community engagement and development.

With the help of donors, nonprofits and volunteers, the Community Foundation is committed to making lives better in every corner of our community.

The Foundation was created in order to build a permanent resource of endowed funds, the earnings from which could be used to help meet the continually changing charitable needs of the Parke County community.

Grants | Parke County Community Foundation | Rockville, IN

The Foundation exists for three basic purposes:

  1. To assist donors who wish to meet charitable needsd through creating endowments.

  2. To serve as a fiduciary, holding and prudently managing donated funds.

  3. To make appropriate and accountable distributions of earnings on funds (grants) to qualified charitable recipients.

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