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Setting Up a Fund: 5 Easy Steps

1. Choose Your Passion

Do you want to fight poverty? Help children forge a better future? Support the arts? Make your community a better place? Whether broad or narrow, you can support your interests through a fund in the Parke County Community Foundation.

2. Choose When to Give

Do you want to establish a fund for giving today? Would you prefer to defer your gifts through a will or giving vehicle? You can do either or both.

3. Choose What to Give

Whether you have cash, publicly traded stock, retirement plan assets, closely held stock, real estate, grain or livestock, or life insurance, the Parke County Community Foundation can get you started.

4. Choose a Fund

The Parke County Community Foundation offers various types of funds: Unrestricted (Legacy Program), Field-of-Interest, Donor Designated, Donor Advised, and Scholarship. The Foundation representatives are available to discuss which fund is right for you.

5. Set Up a Fund

When you've made your decisions, the Foundations is ready to get you started making a difference in your community.

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