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Foundation Board of Directors Drafts New Strategic Plan for 2017-2020

The Board of Directors of the Parke County Community Foundation is currently made up of 6 men and 7 women from the various communities of Parke County. The Foundation board was founded in 1993 upon the “servant leadership” model, and board members not only serve the community in various fashions, but also are Foundation donors themselves.

The Parke County Community Foundation’s mission statement is one sentence; “To improve the Quality of Life in Parke County”— a tall task, one that cannot be done by one organization, but can be accomplished through collaboration and unity of purpose with Parke County citizens and others. Donors are the heart of the Foundation’s success, and we are honored that several thousand contributors have given more than $17 million to improve the quality of life in the Parke County community.

Historically, more than 85 different individuals have served on the Board of Directors at the Foundation; most whom have served 6 years. None of those 85 have come back on the board after their 6 years of service, which promotes new ideas and perspectives.

One of the vital roles of a non-profit organization’s Board of Directors is to create and implement a strategic plan. The current 13 member board is in the final stages of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan draft, and here are some of the highlights of the board’s 4-pillar plan.

Pillar I: Impact

The Board of Directors wants to continue to create a philanthropic culture that demonstrates measurable results and positive change in our community. Being good stewards of donor gifts, communicating regularly with Foundation stakeholders, and remaining in compliance with ethical and operational standards of behavior are essential for maximum impact to occur.

Pillar II: Influence

The directors want to inspire Parke County Residents and “home grown” people who live in other states and communities to “give back” to their community through the Foundation.

Pillar III: Leverage

The goal of this pillar is to maximize the utilization of Foundation assets to attract new assets to the county and improve non-profit effectiveness.

Pillar IV: Learning

Finally, the board will be focusing on utilizing information, trends, and data to effectively grow as an organization. The board will be finalizing the plan at their June meeting.

For good… For ever… For Parke County!

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