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PCCF 20th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, November 9th marked the 2013 Parke County Community Foundation Fall Dinner held at the Parke County 4-H Fairgrounds. More than 240 guest arrived for an evening filled with good food and fun. The main event for the evening was a giving wheel that contestants spun on behalf of their favorite local charity.

A total of $20,000 was granted to 24 different Parke County nonprofits in honor of the Foundation’s 20th anniversary. Sponsors of the event include Parke Seeds Inc., Superior Lithoplate, Wright Implement, Hays Family Heirloom Legacy Fund, and Scott Pet Products. We would like to thank all of our table sponsors as well. The evening’s grand finale was a reproduction of Le Miserables One More Day performed by an ensemble of Parke County’s talented voices.

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